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Image brochure: The engineer’s choice.
GreenTech: The Green Company.
GreenTech EC technology: Commutate electronically, benefit economically.
Product overview: Made by ebm-papst.
Product overview: Fans for rail technology.
Fans for wind turbines: Energy-efficient solutions for wind turbine applications.
Automotive: We bring your ideas to the road.
RadiPac EC centrifugal fans – Perfection in air handling (AHU)
The AxiTop diffuser: Listen to the difference.
GreenTech EC centrifugal fans for hotel climate control systems
The ErP Directive: The future of efficiency – already available now.
Our little genius. Brushless internal rotor motor ECI 63.xx with integrated electronic control unit K4
Compact fans for AC and DC (version 2014)
EC axial fans - HyBlade® (version 10/2009)
EC/AC axial fans - HyBlade® Ø 300-450 (version 03/2012)
AC axial fans - HyBlade® (version 07/2010)
EC axial fans for agricultural ventilation (version 07/2011)
Energy-saving fans with ESM, ACi and iQ/iQ²-motor (version 2012-10)
Axial fans (version 2007)
AC/EC transformer fans (version 05/2007)
60 Hz: Axial and centrifugal fans with AC motor sizes 094/110/138 (version 07/2009)
RadiCal EC/AC centrifugal fans (version 2013-05)
RadiPac EC centrifugal fans (version 2013-02)
Compact centrifugal modules with AC, EC and DC motors (version 06/2010)
Centrifugal blowers and fans (version 2007)
EC centrifugal blowers - dual inlet (version 04/2008)
Tangential, centrifugal and axial fans, hot-air blowers and pumps (version 2009)
Condensing boiler technology (version 03/2013)
Fans for solid fuel heating systems (version 02/2011)
Drive technology (2011)
Automotive brushless DC fans, climate control for commercial vehicles (version 10/2011)
Catalog excerpts from 'AC and DC voltage compact fans'
DC axial fans (2014)
DC centrifugal fans (2014)
Specials for fans (2014)
ACmaxx fans (2014)
AC axial fans (2014)
AC centrifugal fans (2014)
Accessories for fans (2014)
Catalog excerpts from 'AC and DC drive engineering'
VarioDrive C (2011)
ECI motors (2011)
BG motors (2011)
BCI motors (2011)
AC motors (2011)
Current product information
Fan Control & Fan Clone - Which PDAs are compatible?
Technical parameters & scope for ebm-papst Mulfingen products
Safety instructions
Safety instructions for built-in fans (ebm-papst St. Georgen)
Installation and safety instructions for AC/DC built-in devices (ebm-papst Landshut)
Installation and safety instructions for devices for conveying air-gas mixtures (ebm-papst Landshut)
Installation and safety instructions for gas-air systems (ebm-papst Landshut)
Installation and safety instruction for gas valve (ebm-papst Landshut)
Operating manuals
ECI 63.XX Modular System K4
Kickstart Version 1.9.40